NXP, Honda, Siemens and Cohda Wireless launch smart car and ITS corridor in Europe

Published: November 12, 2014| Eindhoven, Netherlands NXP, Siemens, Honda, Cohda Wireless and forward-thinking politicians come together in an unprecedented move to make European traffic smarter, gr…

Source: telematicswire.net

Self driving cars are coming and having specific corridors is a great idea. It allows the case to be proven and will reward people or businesses that invest in the technology.

I think the same thing should happen for hybrid and electric cars. Why not give them special lanes in return for their contribution to the environment.

The one thing I didn’t read in this story, which I feel is one of the most important elements is the number of people in the vehicle. When we talk about green driving, we should also consider other elements such as the space a vehicle takes up with only one person in it.

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