GPS Monitoring Devices for Pizza Delivery – Why didn’t we think of it sooner? Actually we did.

A woman whose son was killed while delivering pizza says tracking devices could have saved him.

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Back in 2009 when I was launching the Location Innovation Awards in New Zealand, I suggested a concept of delivering pizza on the beach. Already back then, 6 years ago we had a variety of mobile phones with GPS in them. We were already playing cops and robbers with GPS games on Nokia mobile phones in Europe, knowing exactly where people were, how fast they were going in what direction.

My idea was a bit like the Uber concept. If the pizza company is paid in advance, by a customer they can identify and both the delivery person and the customer can see where each other are on a mobile app, there is a vast new market for fast food delivery. It could be to the beach, at a concert in the park, a sporting event on a public field. All places that have hungry people.

It amazes me that even today, when we are talking about drones dong deliveries, we are still talking about delivery to a home, not to where the hungry people are. So it’s taken 6 years to get to this, but congratulations Domino’s for doing it at all.

Now let’s go back even further in time to 2001 and the founding of the NZ Wireless Forum where The Hyperfactory (I can’t even remember if the Handley family had come up with the brand name at that point). As President of the Forum I was one of the judges of a wireless competition we ran, which they won, with a mobile gambling app that allowed you to place bets against your friends in-situ at sporting arenas like Eden Park. It could tell you which of your friends were also at the site.Unfortunately powerful competitors made that idea difficult to proceed with. We knew it was a winner and we knew that the young ambitious team would go places. They were very exciting to be around, I felt like I was surrounded by kindred spirits.

My point is really that none of this is new. I owned a mobile and location based services consultancy called Mission Control at the time and was frustrated that so many cool things could be done with location and smartphones (at that time there was no Google and Navman was a sleeve on a Palm device) I’ve still got the Palms, but the Navman sleeve was only on loan from Nick Maire with whom I shared a circuit of conference presentations on the future of location based mobile devices. This was the day when iPAQ’s and Psion’s, Apple Newtons and Casio Cassiopeia’s connected via Bluetooth to mobile phones at an astounding speed of 9600 baud for an exorbitant cost exacted by the telcos, Telecom, Bell South and subsequently Vodafone. All of whom were hugely supportive.

So congratulations Domino’s. 6 years after I suggested a location based pizza delivery service, you are doing it. Be courageous and pick up my idea this summer of delivering pizzas to beaches and parks. It looks like no one else believed my idea because Pizza On The Beach hasn’t even been used as a trademark yet. Maybe you can deliver me a free pizza occasionally, if you pick up my idea. It most certainly would be a gold mine.

As to safety, that was also part of my idea. If you are delivering to random places, you want to know that it is not a set-up. Today that’s reasonably easy to manage. I had many ideas around that back in my Mission Control days where I was talking to the Waitakere Health Board and others about internal navigation through the bowels of hospitals and location based panic buttons on mobile phones for district health nurses and midwives attending to patients in their homes. Some of the people I made those proposals to back around 2000 are still around and may remember those discussions or the follow ups when I sold the company to Rocom Wireless.

What amazes me the most is that we suggested these ideas over a decade ago, and now they are being hailed as innovation. I can’t wait to see what great ideas they come up with next. But at least they eventually came up with something.

In the next year or two we are going to see a plethora of mobile location based apps and people are going to ask, why didn’t we think of that before. I have to say, we did. The right people were just too busy with BAU and weren’t ready for it. Welcome to the world of the futurist.

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