Swarm App 3.0 – New & Improved Check In App

If you loved the old Foursquare, you are going to love the new Swarm app. Swarm 3.0 has mayorships, coins, and themed stickers. It is time for you to come back …

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It’s interesting to see Foursquare and Swarm go someway back towards their origins. They started off so well with gamification and then for some reason turned their backs on some of the very reasons that people joined in the first place. As the video points out, it isn’t all about getting something, it’s about having a little fun while going out and experiencing the real world, leaving some tips for other people, good and bad about the places you go to and even seeing if there are people you know nearby.

I have written many blogs about Foursquare https://solomoconsulting.wordpress.com/?s=Foursquare going back to the days they started.

One of the features I was thinking about making a business out of was their retail loyalty and deal programs. I was one of their first ambassadors. The fail was that each account had to come up an individual log-on and Foursquare wouldn’t allow people to look after multiple accounts from one log-in, i.e. a parent child relationship. This was important because many businesses didn’t have time or couldn’t comprehend how to use an app like Foursquare, but were happy to profit share with or pay someone else to bring them quality trade when they wanted it.

I could tell you so many other stories abut Foursquare and Swarm as travel apps, as a navigation app, how it helped me find an alligator farm in the middle of nowheresville, Louisiana when my TomTom couldn’t find it. If you want to know more and get a sense of were Swarm came from and where it looks like it is going back, check out the link above.

I was at a Snakk Media AGM a couple of years ago when people were making comments about how Foursquare had failed, with a lot of people sagely nodding their heads. I was thinking, maybe the have lost their way a little as many companies do….., but maybe they are smart enough to find their way back. I hope they are. So have you tried the latest version of Swarm yet. I uploaded it this morning and am up 19 coins and coming second on my leader-board.

Why does this matter? Read the book Reality is Broken and you might get a bit of an idea. Gamification is going to be massive and you can decide which of those groups you want to be, those that make things happen, those that watch things happen and those who wonder what happened:)

Anyway, that’s it for me for now, I’m going out to have some experiences:) Have an awesome day:)

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