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The launch of products such as corporate car sharing and mobility cards is changing the way employees travel on business. Andrew Ryan reports

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I learned a new position title today, Mobility Manager. The premise is that large businesses have a lot of people traveling. Companies put a lot of effort into vehicle Fleet Management, everything from safety to optimizing travel.

One of the big travel costs for large employers is the movement of their people. More and more companies are discussing things like car pooling if groups of people are going to the same location for business purposes. This concept appears to go a lot deeper and in some cases merges the role with the traditional Fleet Manager.

Travel costs a lot and there are many varied choices and concerns today, the top ones in my list would be

1. Value For Money. There are cheap airlines, but often they are cheap because they do things like cancel flights if there aren’t enough passengers on them. In some cities it is cheaper to rent a car than to use taxis, but if those cities charge a lot for car parking you could be robbing Peter to pay Paul.

2. Timeliness. Many of us travel for day trips and decisions are often made which mean that people don’t arrive on time for meetings, or have to leave early.

3. Ride Sharing. I have often been in situations where people either from the same company, or visiting the same company arrive or leave in separate vehicles. For very large organizations, apps using a similar concept to Uber, showing where people are and where they are going, could not only encourage ride sharing, but could help people develop relationships with colleagues and stakeholders they wouldn’t otherwise know about.

4. Embrace new modes. Why do some people use corporate cabs while others use Uber or Lyft? Who offers the best service and the best value? Are there safety concerns or is it simply that they are not aware of them?

5. Commuter ride-sharing. I know a few large companies do this, but why not support applications in this space so that staff can see who is traveling in the same direction. Personally, I find the idea of driving to someone else’s home that is out of my way annoying and a waste of my valuable time. However if I can see that I have colleagues that are actually on the same route as me and I only have to minimally go out of my way, I would welcome the company.

6. Accommodation also ties in with value for money. I frequently do day trips where I get up at 04:20 and get home around 7-8PM and then am back at work the next day. I travel because it is important to eyeball people in many meetings and presentations. But is it good value for the quality of your meetings and your health to be doing that sometimes twice a week and expecting to perform at your peak on other days? Sometimes the cost of overnight stays can be offset by traveling off peak.

7. Virtual Meetings. I have VC meetings many times a month. You don’t have to be face to face for every meeting. Sometimes you do. It’s important to ensure you understand the difference.

I like the idea of a Mobility Manager. This is the antithesis of a travel agent. The travel agent benefits from your high spend, the mobility manager should have KPI’s based on reducing costs, maintaining safety and best value outcomes from the travel, both of the travel experience and the reason for undertaking it. I suspect this role could be easily sustained out of the savings and benefits gained by a large organization.

What do you think?

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