Uber partners with TomTom for Maps

TomTom, the navigation company, said on Thursday it had signed a multi-year deal to provide Uberwith digital maps for the software used by its drivers. It is the …

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This is a really good story from the perspective of the trustworthiness of Uber drivers. Providing every driver uses it. I have been in many a taxi where they have navigation or routing, but it is turned off.

Traffic is dynamic and I don’t care how well the driver knows his route they don’t know there was an accident ahead that is impeding it.

I also have plenty of experience around the world of drivers who deliberately take you the wrong way in order to squeeze another eagle out of the fare.

I’m hoping that Uber will make this mandatory for drivers, because that will crank up the trust ratio big time.

I travel to Wellington a lot and the stock question is “around the waterfront or through the tunnel.” I ask them what is best, the safe answer is I think and frequently what they ‘think’ is wrong. I should do a study and see if it exceeds the law of averages.

I save their mind from any further thought by getting out my smartphone and looking on a traffic map myself. Lately my mobile map of choice has been Google for that specific purpose and it hasn’t let me down. As you probably know, I have car navigation apps for Africa, my navigation devices like TomTom and Siemens VDO now have out of date map data-sets, but the apps are pretty current.

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