GPS tracking device helps Nassau County mother keep her boys with autism safe

A mother in Nassau County is using GPS to track her children who have special needs.

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There is a common thread that children with autism can wander off and get lost. This story starts with a 14 year old autistic boy who went missing after he walked out of his school in Queens 2 years ago. His body was found in a river 4 months later.

The device that is demonstrated in the video in this story has all the tracking features of a GPS that you would expect, such as geofencing and alerts.

It also has a listening function so if the child is inside where the GPS can’t operate, you can get some sense of where they are by the background sounds.

A nice feature with this product is that it is connected to the child’s clothing with a magnetic key which can only be removed by their parents.It won’t fall off and get lost.

The children say that they feel safer knowing they can be found if they wander off and get confused about their location.

Ignoring the cost and stress of sending out search parties, this product is providing peace of mind to everyone involved from the parents to the children and even the school.

If you have a child who suffers from any condition where they can become spatially disoriented or lost, I recommend you explore the many options now available to you. This technology has matured significantly in the last few years and costs are also dropping quickly. Do note however it is a solution you need, not a piece of hardware with a SIM card in it.

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