Revealed, the death maps of Europe

Pensioners in northern Spain, north eastern Italy, and in southern and western France survived up to age 94 thanks mainly to their Mediterranean diet, a study by the University of Porto found.

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As I head for my oncologist appointment this morning, mortality maps seem to be an appropriate topic, especially given the number of people that have been talking to me about the importance of diet, including in relation to cancer recovery or reduction. One of the key ingredients in longevity appear to be diet.

I’ve read many articles in the past showing relationships between diet and exercise and although this article doesn’t seem to agree, drinking of wine and altitude also commonly feature in research on life expectancy. I noted another few interesting trends:

1. Life expectancy continues to be increasing rapidly, i.e. more people are living longer. Women continue to outlive men consistently which most families can attest to. I put it down in part to lifestyle (risk-taking) and testosterone.

2. If you have a look at the map you might see the correlation between low lands and high country. Obviously there could be many reasons for that.

3. Countries like the Netherlands which prides itself on its social welfare and health systems, provides great pension plans so that people don’t have to still be working in their 70’s, do not rank well on the longevity stakes. Although my late grandmother was only a year off 100 and if my grandfather hadn’t gone snow blind hiking in the Swiss Alps in his 80’s and died of boredom a few years later, in Amsterdam, I suspect that despite his daily Chesterfield cigarette and glass of red wine, he would also have easily reached his mid 90’s. It would seem there is a lot of strength in an argument for a healthy diet full of colorful vegetables and unprocessed foods. Perhaps another inconvenient truth…..

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