The Steve Jobs Movie and Why Should You Blog?

Good things come in 3’s as my friend Bill Potter likes to say. I’ve had some good things happen in the last 3 days which is helping me crystallize my direction over the next few months. One of the key things that is happening is that I am gong to be running a series of 6 week training courses on how to and why you have to blog. More on that shortly.

So the 3 things were:

  1. I started a new book. The Click Moment by Frans Johansson and I haven’t stopped having click moments since I opened the first page.
  2. I had lunch with an old mate Rowan Savage who I have had the privilege of working and traveling around the world with, who is working on some awesome GPS tracking solutions at Xlerate.
  3. Another friend Sean Mitchell of Techday fame invited me to the NZ premiere of the Steve Jobs movie last night. It was exactly the medicine I needed to get me cracking on the next steps for my business with a vengeance. Thanks so much Sean, I was taking notes and like yourself remembering the good old days, the passion, the parties (although the big ones I went to were with IBM, not Apple, with fond memories of a BPEC beach party with the Beach Boys in Miami and San Diego with Rowan (above). Most of all I remember wanting to make the world a better place from about the age of 9. The movie reminded me that the best days are yet to come. Go see it, especially if you are in business for yourself or want to make the world you want to live in.


Every day at the top of my list, I write down what I am grateful for. This morning, I sat down with my wife and thanked her for her patience and support, while I set up another new startup with very little income and the passion and confidence races, loops, climbs and drops upside down in the dark like the Space Mountain roller coaster and as I did with my daughter at Disney World, I get off, dust myself off and run back to the entrance to do it again.

I am starting up a series of 6 week courses on blogging. More details will be available soon, but you can get some advance info here. The first 6 week course will probably start around the first week of October. Maybe sooner.

“Why do people blog? Why would they want to blog?” My wife asked me.

Back to Bill Potter and his love of 3’s. But first, if you are in business, a question for you.

Do you remember why you first got into business, or your dream job? Remember the excitement and passion you had, the reasons you got out of bed in the morning and couldn’t wait to get into it? Do you remember wanting to make the world a better place, wanting to help people and share your passion? That’s why you have to blog, to share that. As my friend Gianpaulo from Giapo says, it’s about fractals radiating your passion and love for what you do and adding joy and understanding to the people around you. OK, maybe a little creative license there, but you hopefully get the picture.

So here are 3 reasons to blog and why you should come on one of my courses (currently limited to Auckland, New Zealand):

  1. To share your passion with other people in a medium where not only your friends, but total strangers can find it.
  2. To engage with people about the things you are most passionate about. Mostly business, but some of the top blogs are about hobbies and interests.
  3. To get more business and win the type of customers that will benefit from your knowledge and passion. This comes through 1. and 2.

So want to come on the journey with me? You can subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed, subscribe to it by email and of you can contact me by email at

You can also go to the course page and inquire for details there. The course is going to be different, its going to be fun and you will make some new friends along the way. I look forward to seeing you there.

The good old days were good, but the best are yet to come. Hey, while you’re here, why not leave a comment or share this blog with a friend?

About Luigi Cappel

Writer for hire, marketing consultant specialising in Location Based Services. Futurist and Public Speaker Auckland, New Zealand
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1 Response to The Steve Jobs Movie and Why Should You Blog?

  1. David says:

    Great stuff Luigi, thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to see the movie, and I can’t wait to hear more about blogging from your POV!
    “Journey of a thousand miles start with first step” (Confucious?)


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