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Stressing Over Your Blog’s Readership Can Lead to its Collapse Business 2 Community (blog) Many articles about how to garner more views, for instance, will tell you to write about popular topics, write about things that notable blogs are writing…

Luigi Cappel‘s insight:

Some very good points in this blog. It comes back to something that I have written about before. While its a good thing to engage about topics that are trending, you also need to add something unique, some value from your own experience. If you just repeat what other people are saying then you aren’t adding value to the subject, effectively you make your blog redundant.

I’ve just finished reading The Click Moment by Frans Johansson and he makes this point a number of times. If you see someone doing something successful, and everyone follows what they do, then you are all doing the same thing and you can’t stand out.

Use their strategies perhaps from the perspective of getting attention, but ultimately people read your blog for a reason, possibly because they way you write resonates with them, but more because you help solve their problems and show passion for it.

Also as this story says, you need to know why you are blogging. You need to have an objective such as getting more business, having people engage with you about a topic you are passionate about. If you are just blogging because you like writing and don’t care about how many followers you get, that’s fine too, but know why you are doing it and focus on what value you can offer to your reader.

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