Emergency Calls: Teens tracked by GPS in stolen car – Mansfield News Journal

Mansfield News Journal
Emergency Calls: Teens tracked by GPS in stolen car
Mansfield News Journal
Police tracked the location of the moving vehicle using a GPS device kept in the car.

Source: www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com

This wasn’t much of a story to me in that I read stories like this every day, (including the part where the thief is almost always caught with either other stolen goods or illegal drugs0 but then I remembered that I am not you and we might not take the same stories for granted.

The days when stealing a car is easy pickings are disappearing. If you have a car that is worth not losing, i.e. you value it more than the insurance money and inconvenience, put GPS in it. There are loads of low cost solutions. Some people are even just hiding old smartphones with prepay SIMs wired into the car so they are always fully charged as a very low cost tracking tool. I love how Police watched this thief drive the car, get stopped at red lights that Police pre-arranged and then watched him hop into the back seat to make out that he hadn’t been the one driving.

You know, if you have nothing to hide, you should be welcoming all the web cams out there. They save lives and catch crooks. If you are a crook, keep committing crimes where we can track you and Police can find you, it saves the tax payer loads of money. Or go get a job. It pays better and you don’t have to look over your shoulder.

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