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Curated from the blog callJNS.org – A major book publisher, deluged with criticism for leaving Israel off a map in its Middle East Atlas, has apologized and withdrawn the book from circulation.

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My SoLoMo blog is known as Location is Everywhere, but it seems that if you want it to be, location could be nowhere.

If each country decided to redraw the map based on how they would like the world to be, it might look very different. Russia for example might absorb Ukraine and would be much bigger than we recognise today, half of the countries in Africa would change their borders and then we have the groups like ISIS, who would like to change the borders of the Middle East changed dramatically if not removed altogether.

One must accept that borders do change in the course of history, even recent history, but let’s not confuse people by showing something different to that which legally exists. It is very easy to indoctrinate and confuse people, which is of course part of the purpose behind these edits.

I’m assuming there is a global authority, probably the United Nations, where the boundaries of countries or sovereign states are agreed, even if not unilaterally.Those are the borders that should be shown on maps.

Anyone can then redraw their own versions, but name them for what they are. So the map above might be called ‘the Middle East the way the Palestinians would like it to be’, with Israel removed. Of course ISIS might want one with most of the countries including Palestine removed. I wonder how they would feel about that?

This blog isn’t political and has no opinion about the borders or rights of nations, it is about accuracy at a point in time. Location Based Services are about people being able to use maps, GPS, mobile devices etc to find there way around the world. Therefore imho they should either be fictional or fact. If they are fact, what you see on your device, should be what you see in situ if they are factual. If they are not factual, such as in games, or for example educational where you might use a park to represent a pacific atoll, recreated in a virtual way so that people can experience and learn from it, play games on it, that’s fine. Just lets be clear on what it is.

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