Too many people are getting hit by trains, so Google will now add railroad crossings to its Gmap app – Electronic Products

Too many people are getting hit by trains, so Google will now add railroad crossings to its Gmap app – Electronic

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It’s a great idea to add railway crossings to maps, after all they add rotators and other features on the map.

However, unless they are shown as a hazard, such as the alert you can get for safety cameras, having them on the map isn’t necessarily going to change people’s behavior. If they do that, it could save a life, which would be a wonderful idea. I just hope they are asking the car navigation companies the right questions, otherwise it will be all for naught.

There are of course many causes of these accidents. We see them often on TV reality shows where people are in a hurry, or perhaps locals think they know the timing between the alarms and barriers and the arrival of the trains.The fact that we see them shows that people don’t know them as well as they think, because the shows are always about the crash.

What we often have is known in the industry as blindness. Things that people see every day and don’t even think about any more. If you drive across one or more railroad crossings on your normal route to work, or to school, have you ever arrived and thought back and can’t remember the journey?

So Google, TomTom,  Apple, MapQuest, Garmin, you probably already have the crossings in your map data-sets as layers. How about treating them the same as safety cameras. After all isn’t staying alive a higher priority than a speeding ticket?

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