The New Roomba Actually Maps Where It’s Cleaned – Popular Mechanics

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Not the usual sort of story that I cover but it is location based services. It’s very cool that your vacuum cleaner is able to map where it has been and confirm that it has done the whole house, using cameras to identify and remember obstacles.Watch the visualization on this link.

Also cool that it has an app, but I reckon for the money they charge for the robot vacuum cleaner, it would have been much cooler if the app actually showed the map in the same way as the video does.

Based on the people I know who buy the cool toys and gadgets (you know who you are) they would get a lot more sales if you could actually see the map that it creates on your Smartphone.Think about the visualization that Toyota have in their hybrid car that shows when the car is charging. I would hate it in the long run, but for the first 3 months it would be rewarding to know when you are generating battery and educational in learning how to get the best value out of the system. In the same way, an app for this robot vacuum cleaner could show that as it learns where the furniture is, that it does not waste extra energy banging into it once it knows where it is. Taking the random element out is good value.

They have missed a really good opportunity by not including that in the app. Who cares about an app that lets you register your vacuum cleaner online, turn it on and off?

Roomba, want to increase your sales by 20% and become a hero product instead of just an expensive one, add the visualization. Then when you get all the extra sales from my idea, send me a free one. I’m just saying…..

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