Will automakers fear Apple’s move into cars? – USA TODAY

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Will automakers fear Apple’s move into cars?
At present, GM has a Siri-enabled Apple interface in its Chevrolet Spark mini-car and Sonic subcompact, both aimed at the youth market.

Luigi Cappel‘s insight:

My concern with this concept is that it is great so long as it is new, but what happens when the car is 5 years old? Will Apple continue to support it. I have a $6,000 (when it was new) in car navigation system in my 7 year old car and I can’t get new map disks for it, because the car nav manufacturer will not fund the conversion costs of the map data.

So what happens when Apple totally changes the OS or lose their relationship with the car manufacturer? I’ve seen it before, you end up with a technology that no longer performs as expected. So as long as you don’t keep your car more than 3-4 years this is great! For people with corporate / company cars, no problem.

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  1. Andres says:

    Fabulous. I agree.


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