Too busy and crowded to ask around, then consider your safety, BUY GPS NAVIGATOR.

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I’m speaking on a panel at the Transport Fuels and Fleet Management Summit this afternoon and this took me back to the beginning of car navigation in New Zealand.

When we first used launched navigation systems here, one of the arguments marketers used was that men don’t ask for directions and then drive in ever increasing circles until they find their destination, or their partners get fed up and ask for directions, because they can’t read maps.

We rarely thought about danger for women traveling on their own. In most cases it was and is a very safe country, although we did pitch the inconvenience of having to stop at a gas station for directions which was normal practice when I was a little kid.

I have only been to a couple of places in South Africa and I’ve lived the rest of my African experience vicariously through my daughters experience volunteering at an orphanage in Kenya and exploring other parts of the continent, so I now have a little awareness of some of the dangers that people face there.

Sometimes it’s good to remember that what we considered normal 10 years ago is still relatively new for the masses in some countries. The car navigation hardware focused brands will be pleased because what I’m starting to read is that the market for devices globally is now in rapid decline with mobile Smartphone apps and in-car entertainment systems taking over that segment.

If I was to drive in Nigeria or Kenya I would definitely want a reputable and current device with a good map data set. It was interesting  seeing on the demo, ‘unnamed road’. That is not unusual  in some parts of the world. In our part of the world, even most paper roads have names. Fortunately most of those have now been removed from the public map data sets.

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